Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Warm heart warm hands

I'm obsessed. You really don't want to know how many pairs of mittens I've made this winter. Granted I helped my family make a ton, but I have also managed to add a few to my collection of winter accessories and give a few as gifts. A friend of mine was kind enough to teach me this project and spent one night helping me make my first pair. I haven't stopped since!

-One 100% wool sweater washed in hot water and dried hot. Each wool sweater has its' own personality and will shrink a ton or just a little. You can usually get 2-3 pairs of mittens out of one adult sweater!

-Fleece. 1/2 yard is enough for 3 pairs of mittens. It will be the inside of the mittens and rarely seen. I like to use a dark grey for mine.

- Any accessories you want to add to your mittens. Buttons, ribbon, or felt are a few good ones!

- Sewing machine with coordinating thread.


- Pins

Let's begin!

There are 3 pieces to each mitten. You will make 4 mittens. 2 of the mittens will be made from the wool sweater and 2 will be made from the fleece. The fleece mittens get stuffed into the wool mittens for a nice warm lining. Make sure to cut 2 left hand mittens and 2 right hand mittens.

Match up the thumbs, making sure the face of the fabrics you want on the outside of your mitten are facing together. Pin along the middle and thumb of the two back pieces. The right hand mitten is shown. Sew with an 1/8" allowance.

Pin sewn back piece to front piece. Again, sew with a 1/8" allowance. Do this for each of the four pieces (2 insides and 2 outside).

You will end up with 4 mittens. Turn the wool mitten inside out and stuff the felt mitten inside the wool one.

Time to make the cuff. You can either use the cuff of the sleeve of the sweater (which works GREAT) or take the base of the sweater and cut the length you need for the cuff. Then sew together like above.

Place the cuff inside the mitten (right side facing the fleece) and sew all three layers together with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Flip the cuff out and fold over.

And you're finished! I am still deciding what to add to this lovely pink pair. Any suggestions?

Here is a shot of some of the mittens I made with my mom and sisters. Doesn't my mom have some amazing sweaters?!!


janellbeth said...

so cute kirstie! :)

mpoore said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the pink mittens. Be sure to put a picture on your post!

Mariel Joy said...

what?!?! oh my gosh i had no idea that you had an adorable mitten making factory going at the Pence house! this is such a great idea! can you make me a pair?!

Molly T. said...

These are adorable!!!

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