Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giddy Up!

Hey cowgirls (and maybe a cowboy or two out there reading this)! Last year my Mom and I stumbled upon some fun fabric. My favorite fabric store was out of some of the fabric we needed, so we hit up to web to get the rest. We had a BIG project in mind (hence the year ago start date) and were going to need a lot of fabric.

My Mom is into the grand kids matching. I totally understand this and appreciate the beautiful clothes she buys for the little ones. So of course, when we first saw this fabric ( I know, the anticipation is building!!) we couldn't just make one outfit. We decided all 4 grand kids needed to match. We went back to our favorite Knotted Apron Dress pattern and found a pattern for Beano.

Last week, my Mom and I traveled to MN to visit my sister. We were finally going to tackled this year long project. With my Mom's trusty sewing machine by our side, we managed to accomplish our goal. Three dresses and one vest in six hours!
{we did some cutting before heading up to MN}


{Adeline wanting to help}

{the finished bodice}

{Ben's manly vest}

{Cousins... Ben's vest wasn't done yet}

{close up of the dress}

{Ben is still getting use to wearing a vest}

1 comment:

mpoore said...

It was great fun creating the dresses and vest together. I hope we can do some other projects in the future.

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