Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Kid Room

My little baby is now a toddler. Sigh. With a brother soon to arrive, it's time to move to the big kid room. I haven't switched her yet, but come September, Addie will make the big change. Hopefully it is a smooth change for Addie and her parents!

I have been busy with lots of little details for her new room. Some of the highlights were...
~ Painting some white stripes on the grey back wall
~ Making a chandelier to replace the 70's looking one in her room
~ Hunting Craigslist for a white day bed
~ Painting the cream day bed I found white
~ Searching for a new bedding. IKEA had a great, cheap selection of course
~ Making pillow cases for her bed and also for her little doll rocker
~ Painting a bookshelf I found for $3 at a trash and treasure sale
~ Yarning up some letters for said bookshelf

All that is left is hanging some more art on the walls and finding an area rug. I will have to post again once that wall is finished. It was such fun getting Addie's new room all ready. I can't wait for her to move in!

{a little rocker for her baby}

{big bed for a big kid}

{for a girl who loves her books}


Stephanie Rawlins said...

Kirstie, this looks awesome!!! can you come to my house and do some nesting????

Mariel Joy said...

sooooooooooo pretty!! i want my room to look like that!!!! i wonder if paul would like it?

Tara said...

Tell us about "yarning some letters".

Kirstie said...

Tara- I just bought some large cardboard letters and wrapped them with some yarn I was given. Super easy!!

Joge said...

So cute Kirstie :) the room is so sweet, calm and inviting. I love the details. I'd hire you any day. :)

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