Monday, March 5, 2012

Trash & Treasure

My absolute favorite resale was this Saturday. For 22 years, a church in Madison has been hosting this sale to raise funds for their high school summer mission trips. Four years ago, a co-worker of Alex's told us about this sale. Every year we have come home with a bunch of treasures and never any trash!

This year Alex took one for the team and stayed home with the kiddos, while I went with my friend Becca. After a quick stop at Starbucks, I arrived at the church to get in line at 7:15am. Thankfully it wasn't too cold and they also let us in a little early!

Becca and I both made off with some really great deals! Becca got this amazing dresser for $10 that I am secretly wishing I had grabbed. I came away with a tricycle, a painting easel, an ottoman, a tool box, a record, a milk glass lamp (that makes me think of Mariel), an old step stool, some clothes for Addie, a pair snow pants, and a wooden abacus all for $36!

I have some big plans for some of my new finds!
-I am going to recover the ottoman. 
-I want to find a new lamp shade to replace the ugly one the lamp came with. Don't worry, though, I have plans for the ugly old shade as well! Some kind of upcycle like this one for Dexter's room.
-I had wanted to use the stool to display some plants, but Addie has claimed it for her room. I fear she will always see it as hers now. Maybe one day I'll get it back.
- Use the old tool box to store books in the living room.
- Find some way to display the awesome record cover I found.
- Paint the art easel with some chalkboard paint to give it a new look.

 I just love a good resale!

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