Wednesday, April 11, 2012

kiddos. 6 months

My Buddy Boy is 6 months old today. Sigh. I could tell you all the cliche stuff about how fast time has gone and how I love him to pieces, but I won't go there. It would all be true, but I would like to make it through this post with out weeping!

Instead I will share what Buddy Boy does to make me smile =)

Nibbles on his lip
Yelps in excitement when he sees his sister
Face snuggles 
Throws down his lower lip when he is super sad
Rubs his giraffe cuddle blanket against his face
Rarely laughs unless his clothes are off
Rubs his head when he is ready for bed
Babbles MaMa and then gets a big smile
Spins around in his saucer
Grabs his sister's hair when she gives him a hug (which in turn makes his sister cry)
Puts his entire fist in his mouth
And he is a pro at giving a great smile

I  LOVE you Dexter Warren!
You make your Mama so very happy.

(Wednesday Wishes for Buddy Boy on his half birthday)

1 comment:

Mariel said...

halfy birthday dex!!!! wish i could give you a big snuggle.

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