Monday, September 10, 2012

On the move

Buddy Boy is on the move. Two weeks ago you could leave him in the middle of the living room, dash to the kitchen to refresh your cup of coffee (I won't address how many times I do that), and come back to find him  in the same spot. Long gone are those days! Dexter is crawling all over the place and also pulling himself up on anything he can grab onto. 

This new development makes me sad for two reasons.
1. So much more work! He gets into everything and manages to put every speck of anything in his mouth. I have to be right by his side making sure he doesn't choke on something or fall over and hit his head.
2. Now that Dexter is constantly on the go, it makes me realize just how fast he is growing up! He is no longer my cuddly baby, but a kiddo on the go! I am really in denial about the fact that he turns one in a month!!

I have about a million projects going on right now. Hopefully, I can not only get some of them completed, but also post about them!

PS Anyone else LOVING this cooler weather?! I sure am.

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