Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Once sweet Addie was on the move, I realized it was finally time for my beautiful 4ft. tall glass vase to go. I fear that it won't come out of the basement for another 10 years. Sad! I was left with a big blank spot on my wall. Here is what now fills that space...

Can you guess what it is made of? Paper towel and toilet paper rolls! So easy and so cheap!

And this is how you do it...

1. Save those rolls!

2.. Spray paint the outside with your choice of color and let dry. I used a dark brown. You could even paint the inside if you really want to get creative.

3. Cut the roll into 1 inch segments (which means for a toilet paper roll, that is about 5 pieces).

4. Lay the pieces on the table to form the design you want. You can always add more later. I ended up making about 3 designs and adding them together.

5. Staple the pieces together and flatten the staples with needle nose pliers.

That's it! It is so light too. Mine is hung with just two nails!

I'd LOVE to see pictures if you guys try this!


Callie said...

AHHH you are so creative!!!!! I'm doing this!

cp photography :: cassandra pence said...

VERY cool.

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