Friday, January 6, 2012

Twelve in '12

Take a photo a day

Host a craft party

Drop baby weight

Reupholster the pink chair

Run run run

Take addie to a movie

Write more letters

Eat more veggies

Meet for coffee with friends

Complete Eat This Book

Try a new recipe each week

Blog more


Joge said...

Go Kirstie! Great list..keep us posted. Love reading your blog! A photo a day, eh? Cool. How are you going to organize/document those? Fliker? Shutterfly 366 in 2012 book? (leap year!) :) blog? Happy clicking

Your Frugal Friend said...

I like it. I'd like some advance notice on the craft party please. Also, dexter wants to know when you'll name a blog after him? :)

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