Monday, May 7, 2012

Projects. Kitchen Bench

The bench is finished! We've been talking about this project for quite some time and we finally did it this week. We have a very small eating area in our house and wanted to maximize the space as much as we could. The bench is a great addition and I think it will help us out a ton!

The before shot with the trim removed.

The brains behind the bench. 

This little gal was not too happy about all the noise that came with the bench construction.

 The bench begins to take shape.

Painted and nailed in.

The finished product! Complete with a laminate cotton fabric back board. A great fabric for messy kiddos!  I love this Amy Butler fabric.

 Addie & Dex enjoy being close to each other.

 And Dexter likes his new matching back rest! I had to get 2 yards of fabric since the backboard is so long, but it left me with quite a bit of extra fabric. I am thinking of fashioning a new rain coat for Addie (her current one started to fall apart on our fishing trip) out of the scraps I have left.

We are really happy with the finished project. Home projects are really hard sometimes! Lots of time, juggling kids, money, and frustrations with our own mistakes. I am thankful for Alex working super hard on this project and taking the time to make it just right! Now we're on the hunt for a round pedestal table to complete the area.


cp photography :: cassandra pence ostermeier said...

it looks great!!!! proud of you both!

Mariel said...

it looks sooooooo good! i'm impressed :)

Your Frugal Friend said...

oh my goodness! I LOVE IT!

Joge said...

way to go pences!! looks awesome!

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