Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day has not always been a favorite holiday of mine. I lost my Dad at the age of 9. He was everything a kid could ask for. He loved us dearly and made life FUN. From building the biggest backyard of fun, to forts in the living room, to covert trips to get ice cream in his paint trailer. He created this great adventure for me and my sisters. His great faith and love for his family was evident to all.  Losing him left a big gap in our lives.

Thankfully, I had the best Grandpa in the world. Seriously. He stepped up in so many ways to help try and patch up that hole in our lives. He was so supportive of my Mom and so loving to us girls. I loved getting pie with him at Baker's Square, seeing him in the stands at EVERY summer softball game of mine, and cheering on the the Illini (or scolding them for a poor game). He was a man of such strong faith and devotion, while having the greatest sense of humor ever. I miss my Grandpa dearly.

Father's Day took on a whole new light when Adeline entered our life. Before my eyes, I saw my husband turn into a Father. It was one of my favorite memories of that day. Seeing Alex in awe over this little life that forever changed our lives. Immediately he changed into this amazing Dad. His love for Addie and Dexter makes my heart so full. Alex embodies so much of what I loved about my Dad and Grandpa. His strong faith, his compassion, his jokes, his love of adventure, and his love for us make him one sweet Dada.

Father's Day has new life these days. While I still miss the men who taught be about what a great father meant, I know that they would be so happy to see Alex leading our family with the same love and devotion.

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cp photography :: cassandra pence ostermeier said...

love you kirstie!

p.s. addie looks so earnest and charming in the picture above. i bet she was proud to give her daddy her gifts :)

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