Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Wishes. iphone! iphone case

I can barely contain my excitement! Yes folks, my new iphone (early birthday gift from the Hubs) arrived on my doorstep yesterday!! I have always been a bit behind on the phone updates. I remember back in college begging my mom to get a cell phone because I was the only one (in my opinion) that didn't have one. Slowly I went from flip phone, to slide phone, and finally to a text phone. I am super excited to finally have a smart phone. I am slowly making an apps list and eyeing some gorgeous cases (how do you just choose one?). 

Do you have any favorite apps? or case? Also, any Words With Friends players out there??

1 comment:

Mariel said...

lucky!!! i asked paul just last night if he could just THINK about letting me get an iPhone. he asked why i needed one and i paused and said "because they're cool!" he didn't buy it. enjoy your new toy!

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