Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Projects. Maxi Dress.

I picked up this Maxi dress two years ago from Old Navy. I wasn't thrilled with the top, but it was $10, so I got it anyway. I've only talked myself into wearing it a few times because it fits so poorly up top. It is super low cut and I find myself either wearing a tank top under it or a cardigan over it. 

So naturally when I pinned this, it didn't take long to cut this sucker up!! Now, I am not a super star when it comes to the sewing machine, but I thought I'd give shirring a try. I used this great tutorial. Try it folks. You won't regret it. I literally finished this project while the third (yes, third) cable guy was trying to figure out why our Internet has been on the fritz lately. 

What will my next shirring project be? Perhaps a skirt for Addie?

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